September 15, 2018

“I resurrect you because I need to pay tribute. I want to sing you a praise poem! It’s time to celebrate you...and go mad with rejoicing that you were here!”

Ce Nitram Sacul is the story of a woman in crisis. Disturbed by the violence and insensitivity around her, she turns to her “Womantor”, her “touchstone”, for advice. The unusual circumstance, which provides both tension and humor is the fact that the “Womantor” has been dead for more than twelve years. The play, a modern theater ritual rich in music and language, is both a celebration and a call to action. This contemporary “Praise Poem” to the women who mentor us, is grounded in the idea that the greatest tribute is action carried forth.

“Ce Nitram Sacul“ is an anagram of “Ce” Martin Lucas (Cleopatra Martin Lucas). In 1970, Cleopatra Martin Lucas and her husband, Wilmer Lucas, charted the Carpetbag Theatre, Inc during the American Civil Rights movement in an effort to reclaim the hidden stories of African Americans and empower its communities through music and theatre. Today, Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. stands as one of the oldest running African American theatres in the nation. Ce Nitram Sacul is a praise poem play written in the honor of her Ce Martin Lucas’ legacy.

Located at The Carpetbag Theatre

Saturday, Sept 15 - 7:30pm

Website: www.carpetbagtheatre.org


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