May 10, 2018

Presented by Marble City Opera.

Dominick Argento’s “Postcard from Morocco” (with libretto by John Donahue) is an opera that has more in common plot-wise with the surrealist plays of Samuel Beckett than it does with most other works in the operatic canon. The chamber opera centers on seven travelers, waiting inside of a train station. Each of the unnamed travelers carries with them a piece of luggage that not only defines their character but also reveals something about their personality. By detailing what they carry in arias scattered throughout the show, each character anchors a vignette that both answers a question about their “reason d’etre” and causes the audience to ask, often uncomfortable, questions of themselves. Motivated by a quirky libretto and masterfully scored, the piece explores themes of control and the great lengths that people will go to to protect what they hold dear.

Located at Jackson Terminal

Thursday, May 10 - 8-9:30pm

Contact: (865) 226-9756 


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