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Unicorn World Brings Its Magic To Knoxville

Unicorn World, an immersive, interactive and themed event for all ages, will come to
Knoxville on Dec 10-11. The event, which includes a magical forest and animatronic unicorns, will take place at the World’s Fair Exhibition Hall, located next to the Festival Lawn and Court of Flags. Created and developed by Knoxville area residents and husband-wife duo Patrick and Lauren Mines, Unicorn World is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for families to build memories together through themed activities, including the enchanted forest, arts and crafts activities, story time and colorful, life-sized, moving and neighing unicorns. “We knew from the beginning that Knoxville is where we wanted the event, because this is our hometown and a very special place to us,” said Lauren Mines, co-founder of Unicorn World, LLC. “We are raising our children in this area, and our desire is that our family, friends and the entire East Tennessee community will join us for a fun, memorable time together.” The Knoxville event will be the second of its kind, following the Unicorn World debut in Louisville, Kentucky, on Dec. 3-4. The Mines plan to take the event across the region and will announce more dates in 2023 for Memphis; Cincinnati; Columbus, Ohio; Chattanooga and Charlotte. “To us, unicorns represent imagination, creativity and joy that reminds us of childhood memories,” Co-founder Patrick Mines said. “There is so much happening in the world, and we wanted to remind everyone that there is still room to celebrate and experience the magic of being a child. This event is all about building fond memories and leaving with a feeling of inspiration.”

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