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This Is Our Home: Tom and Evelyn Shaw Know What They Like and It Has Led Them To Fill Their Home With Just That

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Story by Liz Lyons with Photography by Jason Cantrell • Cadence Captures

If you’ve ever walked around the house with Tom and Evelyn Shaw you’ll know that there is a story for not just every room in the house, but for every item in that room. From each painting to every collectible the Shaws can recall when and where they got it. They’ll usually have an anecdote to go along with it as well. The Shaw home is filled with personality and is uniquely theirs. Tom and Evelyn, married 45 years in June, relocated from western Pennsylvania to Knoxville in 2005. The move included moving their company, Thermal Label Warehouse, and several employees with them. 

Evelyn said, “We were anxious to escape the snow belt we lived in.” After arriving in Knoxville the two quickly became involved with the local arts and music scene. The Shaws continued, “We saw an opportunity to become involved with the arts in Knoxville and to be supportive in areas that benefit young and old alike.” Tom is currently on the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra Board and Evelyn just completed her year as President of the Knoxville Symphony League. Evelyn says, “Tom’s penchant for winning auction bids at different benefit galas has resulted in adventures and collections.” Tom is particularly proud of his Robert Tino paintings that were won at Smokies Evergreen Balls throughout the years. 

They proudly display the most recent painting, “Dancing with Fireflies”, above the mantle in the living room. The Shaw collections don’t stop with auction wins though. The family has amassed quite an impressive collection from their travels to Cabo, Breckenridge, Germany, different parts of Italy and the Mediterranean, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The pair have made friends everywhere they go, and often head back home with gifts from their new friends. The two have also inherited many pieces from their family. Tom told us, “the prints in the dining room were purchased in Paris by my parents when I was three-years-old. My mother kept them in original packaging in her china cabinet and always intended to have them framed. We were redoing our kitchen at our last house in 2012 and she gave them to us. Once we had them framed she joked that she wanted them back!”. These paintings are the reason that the youngest grandchild refers to the room as, “it’s just Paris.”

After purchasing their current home, the two attempted to work with an interior designer. “The one designer piece in the home is under the dining room table,” said Tom referring to a blue and gray rug that can be found in their formal dining room. “We know what we like. We couldn’t
let someone decide for us,” he continued. Whether it is autographed memorabilia from Broadway at the Tennessee Theatre, a wall dedicated to Lucas Richman, a wall of bears or masks from Venice, the house is definitely filled with items that make it truly special to Tom, Evelyn and the The spacious kitchen is perfect for entertaining. rest of their family. 

When asked about their favorite rooms in the house the two are torn. Evelyn loves the serenity of the living room, the views of the art and the water and she and Lexie (the pair’s great Pyrenees) love to sit and listen to Tom play piano. Tom loves the living room too for the
same reasons, but also loves the new bar, and the rec room with the Theater/Music décor as well as his office. Whatever room the two are in they are busy living life and enjoying friends and family. They are surrounded by the people they love and the collectibles that remind them of their travels, their love of the arts and the good times they’ve had. This is truly their home in every way. 

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