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Editor's Letter

Autumn: the third season of the year; the time when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall; the period from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice.

More personally, it’s the season when sunshine on my shoulders actually feels good and doesn’t require industrial strength sunscreen. I can enjoy outdoor patio seating downtown without fear of heat stroke. The yellow leaves on the ginkgo trees on Clinch Avenue between the Holston Building and the East Tennessee History Center and sugar maples anywhere make me happy. My favorite late summer crops, especially tomatoes, will still be around for a while. It’s warm, but the humidity’s lower, and there’s the occasional crispy chilly moment, especially early and late in the day, that says, “Stay tuned. Boots and sweater season is just around the corner.”

It makes me feel snazzy and snappy and happy to be alive.

No season’s perfect. The acorns on Market Square function like ball bearings under your feet and will land you flat on the pavement. Tread carefully. I speak from experience.

Welcome to the September issue of VIP Knoxville, packed with all kinds of good stuff to help you make the transition to my favorite season. Meet Casey Pruitt, wife of UT’s new head football coach. Check out our fall fashion tips. Put our tailgating recipes on your game day menu. Plan your trip along Tennessee’s Whiskey Trail.

We’re especially excited about our special section on Blount County with insider tips on dining and fall foliage. Don’t miss Sherri Gardner Howell’s history of Blount County and the role played by buffalo. Yes, you read that right. It’s where the buffalo used to roam. And that famous Maryville vs. Alcoa football rivalry? It’s not just a rivalry born of proximity. We’ve got the scoop on the origin of that famous fall feud.

Welcome to my favorite season and one of our best issues so far.

Gay Lyons

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