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Editor's Letter

Where’s your happy place? I have three of them.

I love East Tennessee. I am in awe of our mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, streams, meadows, fields and skies. We have four seasons, each with its distinct color palette. I think we take our scenery for granted, but we shouldn’t.

I love Greece. Sometimes you go to a place and love it so much you feel your soul has come home. A few of my favorite things about the land of my heart: antiquity everywhere, the sites of the gods, the hospitality of the people, delicious food, local red wines, a square of fresh feta next to your plate at every meal and moussaka served everywhere--including truck stops.

I love a beach. I’m not going to get specific here because I love lots of beaches. Beaches may be like pizza. I’m sure there is bad pizza, and I’m sure there are bad beaches, but, fortunately. I’ve never experienced either one. And, you know, a mediocre pizza at a mediocre beach is still a day at the beach.

It’s easy to remember that bad news often comes out of the blue. It’s harder to remember that sometimes good news comes when you don’t expect it. And so, my friends, unless tropical storm Dorian heads towards Kiawah Island, when you read this letter, I will have just returned from an unexpected four-day trip with a couple of girlfriends to one of my happy places.

And if Dorian ruins our plans, I’ll still be here--at home--in another one of my happy places.


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