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Editor's Letter

I’m a list maker. I like writing things down. By hand. In ink. On paper. Sure, I always have a running grocery/shopping list noting we’re low on things like sesame oil, tomato paste and zip lock bags, but one thing you can count on is that I will write and update my daily handwritten To Do list--last thing every night, first thing every morning, multiple times a day.

Is the world divided into people who make To Do lists and people who don’t? If you’re a lister, what’s your To Do list style? Do you completely obliterate an item to show it who’s boss? Do you draw a line through it to give a nod to its existence but make clear who’s in charge? Or do you put a check mark next to it, the equivalent of giving yourself a gold star?

Here’s a question to separate the sorta-listers from the hard core listers: Once you’ve composed your To Do list, if a new task pops up and is immediately taken care of, do you add it, draw through or check it off--just for extra credit and the joy of marking it off?

I’ll confess, I’m a sucker for gold stars, extra credit and the pure joy of checking things off a list.

I live by my lists. They’re my safety net. If it’s not on my list, it probably won’t get done. However, some lists are dangerous. Lists are, by nature, exclusionary. Check out our list of VIP Women 2018. Our simple goal: to recognize some fabulous Knoxville women. We started with a super, super long list and were immediately daunted by the task of introducing you to just 13 women.

Reminder to Self: We are going to do this every year.
Good News for All: We’ll have no shortage of VIP Women every year.
Write October Editor’s Letter: Check.


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