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Editor's Letter

As I edited the realtor profiles this month, I thought about the things that make a house a home.

A month ago we welcomed Simba, a five-year old gray tabby cat adopted from the UT School of Veterinary Medicine. Simba spent the last four years in a large, white sterile room with nine other cats, all eligible for adoption this year. The vet students spend time with them (and love on them), so they’re accustomed to humans. No exotic experiments, more like routine lab procedures with students.

The school takes great care of them, but watching Simba transition from the lab to our four-story townhouse downtown has been amazing. It might be the feline equivalent of moving from Thoreau’s cabin to Versaille.

The first day she explored every inch of our first floor eat-in kitchen. She found her food, water and litter box. She made a few tentative steps towards the second floor but scurried back to her new safe place in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“Wait until she discovers there are three more floors,” I said to Bill. A few days later, on the second floor, she discovered upholstered furniture, rugs, afghans, throw pillows, window sills, natural light and TV images. Emboldened, on the third floor, she discovered beds, coverlets, blankets and more window sills. In Bill’s fourth-floor aerie (opposite of a man cave, but with the same purpose), she found big windows overlooking the roof decks, the perfect place to stretch out in the sun.

She is now equally accustomed to the sound of our shoes on wood floors and to the sirens from the fire department down the street, and she receives all our guests with the certainty they are here to visit her. Simba’s home, and we’re happy she found us.


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