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Editor's Letter

Welcome to the first issue of VIP in 2019.

As I write this, the weather report has just informed me that we have reached the predicted high for today-- 30 degrees--and that the expected low tonight will be 15. Time to bring out the extra blankets.

I tend to hibernate in cold weather, going outside only when absolutely necessary. I was recently discussing the current cold temperatures with two friends who didn’t live around here in the mid-eighties and were astounded to hear that on January 21, 1985, Knoxville, Tennessee was the coldest spot in the nation with a low of minus 24 degrees. There was a lot of snow on the ground, and the roads were slick so instead of driving to the nearby store, I walked--totally unaware that the temperature was that low. Let me tell you, that was one cold walk. Whatever it was I needed from the store, I’m pretty sure it would fall in the “not necessary” column.

February is a good month to sit in front of a fire, make hearty stews and catch up on reading. And that’s just what I plan to do as soon as we send the February issue of VIP Knoxville off to the printer.

I hope you enjoy the Bridal Issue. I recommend curling up in your favorite chair as you catch up with what’s been going on in Knoxville. The answer is “A lot.” It’s amazing how many events we cover every month--which reminds me: Be sure to let us know about the events benefiting the causes you care about. You can email me directly or fill out the request form.

Hang in there. Spring will come, and the world around us will be as green as it was when
my photo was taken on Market Square last spring. And, hey, since this is East Tennessee,
temperatures could be in the 60’s when you read this next week.


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