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September 8, 2018

Creating Audacious Theatre 

The Hammer Ensemble is a unique performance wing of Flying Anvil Theatre, seeking to embody the essence of Berthold Brecht’s comment that “art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” At its core the Ensemble is a professional and a junior (high school) acting training program, focusing on thematic material addressing issues in our community. Original, improvised, as well as scripted projects explore questions of ethics, morality, and society in general with specific focus on questions of equality, social justice, and health. The work of the ensemble is essentially theatre in human services, theatre as therapy, theatre as mediation and conflict resolution, intra-human dynamics, and other forms of issues-based theatre all rolled into one.

Under the artistic guidance of John Forrest Ferguson, the professional ensemble is composed of a small core of actors focused on using research, improvisational and transformational theatre techniques to grow as actors and create works of theatre that challenge the audience to consider issues from unique perspectives. The junior ensemble seeks the same level of honesty as The Hammer with issues of concern for the complex social matrix of today’s youth. Students who work in the Jr. ensemble have the opportunity upon graduation from high school to audition to join the Hammer and continue their development as professionals. Both The Hammer and the Jr. ensemble meet regularly in workshop format to perfect acting skills. As specific projects coalesce, the groups will increase their involvement into a regular rehearsal/performance format and receive financial stipends.

The Hammer seeks to actively partner with specific social service organizations who seek a unique and powerful voice to articulate their message. Performances can be used to highlight their particular mission, function, fundraiser, or event. The Hammer strives at all times to explore complicated social issues with realistic, challenging, and even controversial honesty. Many projects will be grant-driven, some will have specific corporate or individual sponsors, and some will be generated in-house. A highlight of the Jr. Ensemble will be an extended summer “camp” culminating in a public performance. The ensemble also seeks assistance in providing class tuition sponsorships, especially for deserving members of the Jr. Ensemble.

Located at Flying Anvil Theatre

Thursday, Sept 8

Contact: John Ferguson @ [email protected]