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January 4, 2019

Fracture-Recontextualized is an experiment that joins Chris Hornsby’s pre-existing paintings into larger, more complex compositions. Hornsby explains: “I was inspired by the kinetic technique of Alexander Calder’s mobiles and how he overcame the static nature of art. The modular forms I’ve conceived within each of my paintings have the potential to continually vary and evolve through perpetual redesign and placement. They are not fixed entities, but objects of change. With every fluid unfolding, I believe they are the embodiment of performance and installation art. The modularity of my forms opens the door to the possibility of co-creative art, in which collectors/exhibitors/other artists and I collaborate to jointly determine the appearance of the work. This collective evolution, with each turn of recomposing and decomposing, offers an alternative perspective and interpretation. The original paintings can be re-contextualized by the rearranging of their parts, thereby providing unlimited possibilities not yet imagined.”

Chris Hornsby’s creative passion permeates his professional and personal life in a variety of expressions. Having studied graphic design at the University of Georgia in Athens, he has worked with a host of ad agencies and design studios across the Southeast, including those in Atlanta, Knoxville, and Mississippi. In 2003, he launched his own creative firm, Hornsby Brand Design, LLC. This AAF (American Advertising Federation) Hall of Fame inductee answers each of his professional challenges with creative solutions that not only achieve results, but also break the ground of conventionalism. He’s garnered more than a 130 local and international design awards for his creative solutions, along with being published in several prestigious design annuals. Hornsby has cultivated his many years of design experience through producing superior creative work from corporate identity and websites to TV commercials. In addition, Hornsby, the fine artist, enjoys the freedom and renewed energy that comes from creating his own personal artistic expressions. His pieces range from installation art to paintings and sculptures. As a problem solver, he also enjoys the technical challenges that come with installation art as well. His work has appeared in museums, exhibitions, and has been displayed in numerous venues.

Located at Emporium Center

Fri, Jan 4 - 5pm

Contact: (865) 523-7543