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August 31, 2018

First in the Series of Live Radio Shows coming to the Clayton Center for the Arts.

Join us as the Clayton Center for the Arts and WDVX partner to bring a live radio show to Blount County. Like nothing done in this area, we will feature Blount County in music, song, stories and history. For this first show, we feature Darrell Scott, Pistol Creek Catch of the Day, Eugene Wolff with excerpts from his “The Book of Mamaw”and Robinella.

Darrell Scott

Scott has lived the songs he sings: he’s worked hard, told defiant truths, and never turned down the chance to pursue love. Along the way he has created an oeuvre of albums beloved by his devoted fans and written songs that became hits for everyone from Dixie Chicks to Travis Tritt as well as being covered by more than 70 others while never shying away from critiquing
the industry. The multi-talented Grammy nominee has also been a member ofRobert Plant’s Band of Joy, won the AMA Song of the Year, named ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year and a host of other accolades.
“Scott’s in fine, unforced voice throughout and the comfy family room vibe keeps the arrangements open yet intoxicating. This isn’t a jam session but this music breathes with relaxed warmth. “
              ~ American Songwriter, Couchville Sessions review
Eugene Wolf
Wolf has adapted his years of songs, photographs, and musings into a heartfelt, hilarious, one man show paying homage to the person who has influenced his life the most, his Mamaw.
“Robinella’s voice is so versatile- so utterly loose, carefree, and expressive no matter what the material is- that she glides into every tune…” – iTunes review
Pistol Creek Catch of the Day
Pistol Creek Catch of the Day is an ensemble comprising guitar, fiddle, bass, tenor banjo, mandolin, maybe a ukulele and an assortment of percussion instruments, whistles and squeaky toys. Genre: Americana, rockabilly, eclectic.

Located at Ronald & Lynda Nutt Theatre, Clayton Center for the Arts 

Friday, August 31 - 7pm