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February 15, 2019

When Cheryl Renée and Wendel Werner got together again to perform at AA5 last February, they picked up right where they left off back in 2002 when they performed one of the wildest shows in AA5 history. Back then, Cheryl was living in Knoxville and known as Knoxville’s most uppity Blueswoman, combining an acrobatically soulful voice with her equally amazing prowess on the piano. Not long after that incredible 2002 show, Cheryl moved back to her native Cincinnati. Meanwhile, Wendel continued holding court in Knoxville as one of our area’s most talented pianists/organists, bandleaders, and live music producers. We are delighted that they are getting together again to create more music magic for us.

Located at Knoxville Museum of Art

Friday, Feb 15 - 6pm