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February 1, 2019

The Fine Colombians: Steely Dan Tribute

Rolling Stone magazine called Steely Dan “the perfect musical antiheroes for the Seventies.” We’re not really sure what that means, but we do know that even to this day, long after they broke up in 1981, the music of Steely Dan remains iconic and instantly recognizable with its blend of jazz, traditional pop, and R&B with cryptic and ironic lyrics. The music is also complex enough to intimidate most bands from attempting to perform it. About twelve years ago in Knoxville, bassist Scott Robbins and guitarist Bryan David Lee began pondering that possibility. Some years later, Robbins mentioned this dream to vocalist/pianist Kenneth Scott Eggert, a childhood friend whom he hadn’t seen in fifteen years until Eggert moved to Asheville, North Carolina. After finishing his doctorate in music in 2017, Eggert, aka “Dr. K,” began working on some arrangements for Steely Dan tunes, complete with horns and backup singers. Only a few months later, six more excellent musicians – Mike Spirko (trumpet), Dave Eckman (alto sax), Bob Knapp (tenor sax), Scott Fugate (drums), and backing vocalists Meredith Whitehead and Michele Williams – assembled with Dr. K, Robbins, and Lee and started rehearsing like mad. The debut of The Fine Colombians: A Steely Dan Tribute at Scruffy City Hall in Knoxville in December, 2017 was a hit, as their other shows since then in Knoxville and Asheville have been. We look forward to The Fine Colombians coming to AA5 to “make tonight a wonderful thing.”

Located at Knoxville Museum of Art

Friday, Feb 1 - 6pm